WoofWell® YORKSHIRE TERRIER Health Supplement + Calming Support

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WoofWell® YORKSHIRE TERRIER Health Supplement + Calming Support

WoofWell® YORKSHIRE TERRIER Health Supplement +Calming Support is a bacon flavored softchew,and the first Breed-Specific supplement uniquely formulated by veterinarians and dog health scientists to harness the health support power of the exact combination of ingredients in precise quantities to craft the very best supplement for Yorkies tomitigate common Yorkie Allergies, enhance the functions of joints, maintain cartilage and connective tissues, andprovidescalming support to help dogs that suffer from occasionalanxiety.

WoofWell® Dog Health Supplements address common Yorkshire Terrier health problems to help you give special care to this beautiful, compassionate, and precious breed. 

  • ContainsQuercetin to help maintain normal histamine levels and support normal immune system function for Yorkie seasonal allergies.
  • Contains the very bestGlucosaminefor dogs to enhance the functions of joints and connective tissue, and to help maintain cartilage.
  • Supports Yorkshire Terrier hip, knee, and joint health and flexibility, and helps to relieve occasional joint stiffness.
  • ContainsL-theanineto help Yorkies manage normal stress
  • Contains Hemp oil for addedCalming support for hyper-active Yorkies.

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