Yorkshire Terrier Supplements

WoofWell® YORKSHIRE TERRIER Health Support Supplement

WoofWell® Breed-Specific Health Support Supplement for YORKSHIRE TERRIERS is the first of its kind. This soft-chew supplement is custom formulated by veterinarians and designed to target the health support needs of Yorkshire Terriers to help Yorkie owners give special care to this beautiful, compassionate, and precious breed.

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Whether you have a Yorkie puppy or a senior dog, it is essential to understand what to look for when choosing the right dog food and the right supplements and why opting out of a multivitamin is important for this precious small breed. Yorkies live longer than average, putting them in the healthy breeds category. Like all Dogs who fall under the small breed category of dog breeds, Yorkshire Terriers should only consume the best dog food and high-quality dog supplements to meet their nutritional needs. Yorkie owners who rely on quality dog supplements and pet food do NOT need an additional multivitamin since dry dog food made for small dogs is nutrient-dense and contain all the necessary vitamins. Having small breed dog food on the market has helped the Yorkshire Terrier stay among the healthy breeds. Typically, Higher-quality kibble contains a lesser amount of preservatives. Even healthy breeds have unique health-support needs, and Yorkies are prone to liver problems, so consider dog vitamins with a less-is-more attitude. Omitting an unnecessary multivitamin helps digestion and can help avoid toxicity which can wreak havoc with small breed dogs. Avoid giving your dog additional vitamin D, calcium, and even Vitamin C, since dogs make their own. When considering nutrients your dog needs, instead of a multivitamin, go for a supplement with ingredients backed by scientific research. Yorkies are prone to luxating patellas, so a joint supplement that improves connective tissue and joint function can help Yorkies stay active, which becomes increasingly important, especially among older dogs. Like all healthy breeds, Yorkshire Terriers must maintain a high activity level, which requires well-lubricated joints and strong connective tissue. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM are proven to keep joints lubricated which helps adult dogs stay active. This added joint support isn’t something you can give your Dog through feeding sweet potatoes, a multivitamin, or cereals. All Healthy Breeds, including Yorkies, will also benefit from supplements that help support their immune system function. An overactive immune system response will lead to inflammation which causes allergies. Yorkies are prone to allergies since they are low to the ground. It is not uncommon for them to experience seasonal allergies if running in the grass. Hence, a supplement that helps mitigate the effects of seasonal allergies helps keep Yorkies among the healthy breeds.

The benefits of Supplementing your Yorkie's Diet are numerous; Everything from helping to protect the knees by supporting joint health to ensuring a healthy coat through vitamin absorption. Since Yorkies eat so little, everything your Yorkie eats must be nutrient-rich. Animal nutrition and veterinary science have changed over the last few years. The biggest notable news came from the recent discovery that a grain-free diet was causing heart problems. Because animal nutrition is controversial among veterinary professionals, many Dog owners have turned towards supplementation to make up for potential nutritional gaps in their Dog's diets, and rightly so. When supplementing for the health of Yorkies and other Toy breeds, the bad news is that the wrong food can cause malnutrition easily. The GOOD news is the smaller the Dog, the more bang for your buck,' with supplementation. It is, therefore, essential that Yorkie owners become educated about supplementing their Yorkies' diets.

Essential Guide for Buying Yorkie the right Supplement

  • #1: For Maximum Efficacy, Choose a Supplement for Your Yorkie with Multiple Active Ingredients. For Example, Glucosamine works much better when paired with Chondroitin Sulfate; and even better when paired with MSM.
  • #2: Always Check The Amount of Active Ingredients. The biggest key to a healthy Yorkie Diet is to avoid fillers. If the Amount of Active ingredients is high, the amount of fillers is likely to be low (unless
  • #3: Always Buy Made In USA. The United States regulates its manufacturing processes for animals even more than humans. The reason is that there are multiple agencies' guidelines to follow. Not only those of the FDA guidelines and those of the AAFCO and NASC. If manufactured overseas, the process used to make Dog Food treats or chews isn't necessarily regulated as strictly. Sites like Amazon make this very easy to find.
  • #4: If Your Yorkie Has Allergies or Food Sensitivities, Choose a Hypoallergenic Option
  • #5: Results Will Vary Based on Your Yorkie's Age and Condition
  • #6: Taste and Format Matters. For picky Yorkies, refer to the feeding guide below: "When and how often to give your Yorkie their Supplement."

Supplements aren't the same for all dogs for the same reason that Dog food isn't the same for all dogs: They all have different needs, strengths, weaknesses based on size, hair type, temperament. A veterinarian who sees a Grate-Dane puppy might advise the owner to restrict eating to avoid growing too fast while advising the Yorkshire Terrier Dog owner to make sure they are feeding only nutrient-dense foods. Supplementation should not follow a one-size-fits-all approach best Supplement is the same for every Dog, regardless of the breed, so long as the dosage matches the weight.

The best Diet for Yorkie nutrition includes:

Vitamins & Minerals: Whether it is vitamin A to help with vision, vitamin E to help prevent oxidative stress (one of the best antioxidants), or vitamin K to help blood clot, Yorkshire Terriers need vitamins to ensure their bodies are functioning at optimal health.

The Almighty Protein- for a few years now, Dog owners have been doubling down on protein, opting for grain-free diets. It is important to note that, yes, protein is essential for dogs; it regulates hormones and delivers amino acids which serve as the "building blocks" for cells. However, if your Dog consumes too much protein, it will be stored as fat. Additionally, Dogs who get too much protein are prone to dehydration, kidney problems, and even pancreatitis. Yorkie owners have a tiny margin for error regarding their Dog's diet, so balance is key to having a long, healthy life.

Amino Acids: These building blocks create cells that support a healthy coat.

Enzymes: For breaking down food and gut health. Probiotics are great for gut health.

Carbohydrates: Carbs help prevent hypoglycemia, a common health problem in Yorkies and easily preventable.

Fats- Essential for proper vitamin absorption

Feeding your Yorkie supplements can be challenging due to their small appetites. If it is your first time giving your Dog a supplement, feed only halt to allow their tiny bodies to acclimate to it. Because they are so small, Yorkie's need a longer adjustment window. Supplements are different from dog treats, should be given in measured doses, and always with a little bit of dog food to aid digestion. If your Yorkie doesn't gobble down a supplement the first time you give it to them, try introducing the Supplement in little pieces and mixing it with their favorite food. No matter what, FEED WITH FOOD to prevent stomach upset.

Many Yorkshire Terrier owners have allergies to regular dog hair. Yorkshire Terrier hair is hypo-allergenic to humans and is beautiful when it is maintained. A Yorkie coat is very similar to human hair, and just like in humans, having healthy hair does not come exclusively or even primarily from good grooming. Your Yorkie must first have healthy skin, which starts with good nutrition and nourishment from the inside out to have healthy, shiny hair. Proper nutrition starts with making sure your Yorkie gets essential fatty acids like Omega-3s, fish oil, and vitamin e to prevent dryness. Why Omega 3s? Because many vitamins your Dog eats will go unabsorbed if put on a low-fat diet. To make the best use of a diet with any vitamins and antioxidants efficiently, you must give the body away to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin absorption is essential for immune system support. Any dog on a low-fat diet should be taking omega 3s for optimal health due to most Yorkies' smaller appetites, which puts them at risk for low vitamin absorption and conditions like hypoglycemia.

Due to their size and their limited capacity for food, the biggest concern is to make sure your Yorkie isn't eating unnecessary fillers and that their diet is balanced as well as nutrient-rich. If fed the wrong type of food, supplementation is an elegant method of making sure to make up for areas that the food fell short.


  • Glucosamine HCI
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Turmeric
  • Quercetin
  • L-theanine
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12

Vitamins & Supplements keep the body functioning normally; they should therefore be given daily in steady.

Since the Supplement contains Glucosamine, it is crucial to give with food and spread out the dosage at steady intervals, so if your Yorkie eats twice per day, give one half-chew with each meal. Glucosamine and Chondroitin work hand-in-hand to keep joints supported and adequately lubricated so that the ideal schedule would be one half-chew every 12 hours.

If your Yorkie is taking blood-thinners, taking the Supplement is not recommended. We will always recommend contacting your veterinarian for all other types of medications.

If your Dog is Allergic to Any Ingredients listed on the label, it will not be safe to use. If your Dog is allergic to many foods, we advise contacting your vet before use. Better safe than sorry.

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