WoofWell® FRENCH BULLDOG Health Support Supplement

WoofWell® Breed-Specific Health Support Supplement for FRENCH BULLDOGS  comes in the form of a bacon-flavored soft chew and is uniquely formulated using the exact combination of ingredients in precise quantities to create a unique supplement for French Bulldogs only, designed specifically to address French bulldog health issues, and to support normal immune system function, maintain French Bulldog skin health, and to help maintain normal eye function, healthy vision development and long-term ocular health over their lifetime. The precision-formulated chews not only provide the best sources of fish oil, and antioxidants, but help support a normal inflammatory response.

WoofWell® FRENCH BULLDOG supplements help address the most urgent functional health issues for this Star-Studded breed.

  • Contains Turmeric and Quercetin to help support normal immune system function and maintain normal histamine levels which may help French Bulldog allergies.
  • Contains the best Omega 3s and fish oil for French Bulldogs to help Frenchies avoid dry skin and maintain normal skin moisture content.
  • Helps support capillary health in the eyes which may help reduce the chance of French bulldog eye problems and vision problems.
  • Helps address itchy and dry eyes in Frenchies associated with seasonal allergies.

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