WoofWell® FRENCH BULLDOG Health Supplement + Calming Support

French Bulldog Supplements

Frenchie's have an extensive range of health support needs and require specific types of supplements to help with everything from keeping their skin healthy to protecting long-term vision.

Product Description

WoofWell® Breed-Specific Health Support Supplement for FRENCH BULLDOGS are the FIRST and only supplements formulated to precisely the health support needs of French Bulldogs. Although it is a supplement, scientifically formulated, and each ingredient measured to the microgram, many Frenchie Owners call the delicious bone-shaped soft-chew a French Bulldog Treat.

WoofWell® French Bulldog Health Support Supplements offers French Bulldog owners a way to optimize their dogs' health, address their unique health support needs and improve their dogs' quality of life. The precision-formulated chew not only delivers the best sources of fish oil, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients but also does so in a way that even the most stubborn Frenchie can get on board.

Why Supplements are Good for French Bulldogs

Simply put: Good Supplements allow dogs to obtain optimal health and maximize their quality of life. More specific benefits offer:

  • Help support normal immune system function and maintain normal histamine levels, which may help French Bulldog allergies.
  • Omega 3s and fish oil provide good fatty acids to help Frenchies avoid dry skin and maintain normal skin moisture content.
  • Help capillary support health in the eyes, which may help reduce the chance of French bulldog eye problems and vision problems.
  • Help to address itchy and dry eyes in Frenchies associated with seasonal allergies.

Feeding Instructions

Give your French Bulldog one Soft-Chew once a day with food.

Do French Bulldogs Need Supplements?

French Bulldogs are among the most challenging breeds to keep healthy due to the shape of their faces, eyes, bodies, and overall sensitivities to food and allergens. Even early on, a French Bulldog Puppy is much more sensitive to allergens than, say, a Labrador Puppy. French Bulldogs are brachycephalic, which means they have short heads or "squishy faces." This is important to always keep in mind because an allergic reaction that constricts breathing will have more severe consequences than long-nosed dogs who don't already have their airways partially constricted. French Bulldogs also have large and exposed eyes, wrinkly skin, and are susceptible to foods. These are just some reasons why there is much literature about the benefits of feeding French Bulldogs foods with anti-inflammatory properties and probiotics such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries - spinach, carrots, sweet potato. When a feeding regimen becomes too demanding, supplementation steps in by providing those antioxidants and ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties; like Supplements, vitamins can also supply antioxidants. Still, unlike dog food and multivitamins, good supplementation goes above and beyond using active ingredients like fish oil to help maintain French Bulldog skin health. Lutein, to protect their eyes from juvenile cataracts, glucosamine for joint health and turmeric, to combat inflammation; the cause of so many allergic reactions, to name a few. If you want to help your French Bulldog or French Bulldog Puppy become more muscular, your Frenchie must exercise. Muscles don't come from dog food and can't be developed by simply taking a multivitamin. Making sure joints aren't inflamed is equally as important as reducing the chances of breathing constrictions. Supplements can help improve the quality of life by promoting functional health support. Whether through supporting immune system function, maintaining normal eye function, or helping maintain healthy skin, there is no question about whether or not French Bulldogs can benefit from supplementation.

What Supplements Should I Give My French Bulldog?

Common Supplements include Glucosamine, Antioxidants, Fish Oil, and Probiotics. French Bulldogs, especially French Bulldog Puppies, have very sensitive stomachs, so be cautious with supplements containing glucosamine, as they tend to cause stomach upset if taken without food. The type of supplements you should give should offer particular types of health support unique to French Bulldogs. One of the best things to focus on is reducing inflammation in French Bulldogs. Reducing inflammation is key to maintaining homeostasis. Inflammation is the cause of most discomfort health issues a French Bulldog will encounter over their lifetime. Any supplements that have anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial to French Bulldogs or any dog prone to allergies.

              1: For Maximum Efficacy, Choose a Supplement for Your French Bulldog with Multiple Active Ingredients, especially if the supplement is designed to target more than one health concern. A multivitamin is not a supplement or a substitution for a supplement.

              2: Always Check The number and amount of Active Ingredients. Companies trying to save a buck will often skimp on the milligrams of active ingredients in their products.

              3: Always Buy Made In USA. We are the only country that regulates ingestible animal ingestible more rigorously than human products.

              4: If Your French Bulldog Has Allergies or Food Sensitivities, Choose a supplement with anti-inflammatory properties.

              5: Results Will Vary Based on Your French Bulldog's Age and Condition Be very skeptical of any supplement that claims it can "treat, prevent or cure" any disease.

             6: Look for the NASC seal on the package of any supplement product. The National Animal Supplement Council rigorously audits each product to bear its seal, ensuring the product was tested for quality and met all Good Manufacturing Practices per FDA policies.

              7: Taste and Format Matters- Save yourself time and headache; choose a supplement your dog likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

 - Why Should I Include Vitamins & Supplements In My Pet's Diet?

Answer: The active ingredients in supplements have been tested through many years of research for their various animal benefits, from allergy mitigation to osteoarthritic support. These ingredients are not found in pet food due to their potency and must come with dosage instructions.

- How Often Should I Give This Supplement To My Pet?

Answer: WoofWell® Breed-Specific Health Support Supplements are designed to give once every day. For most French Bulldogs, Once Chew per day is sufficient. Please check the label to match your dog's weight to the number of recommended chews. Be sure to feed at steady intervals. For Example: if the recommended serving is two chews per day, give one chew every 12 hours instead of 2 chews every 24 hours.

 - Is This Supplement Safe To Use With The Medication My Pet Is Currently Taking?

Answer: Always check the cautions and warnings on the label. By law, all known medication interactions must be labels in the cautions or warnings. And if in doubt, contact your veterinarian, especially if the medication is new.

 - My Pet Is Allergic To Certain Ingredients, Will This Product Be Safe To Use?

Answer: If your pet is allergic to ingredients listed on the label, do not use the product. If your pet is allergic to certain ingredients not listed on the label, it does not necessarily mean the product is not safe to use, but it is always wise to ask. We are available to answer your questions about ingredients found in our products. Still, We will always encourage you to call your vet if your pet is prone to severe allergic reactions before starting any new supplement.

- Does This Product Come In Other Product Forms?

Answer: Nope. WoofWell® Breed-Specific Health Support Supplements only come in delicious bacon-flavored soft-chews.


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    WoofWell® best bacon flavored breed-specific dog supplements help address the most urgent hip, knee, and joint health and allergies. It is now available for 4 breeds (german shepherd, french bulldog (frenchie), golden retriever, and yorkshire terrier).